Ari Glamslam
Webdesign & Social Media Marketing

What's special about Simplicity?

…delivers your site fast. No Javascript/jQuery needed.
…offers flexible styling of your content.
…helps you and is well-documented.
…is highly customizable and offers Tumblr-like postings.
…is stylish with beautiful typography.


There are lots of great themes for Jekyll to start a new blog, portfolio or website. Either these themes are bloated because they use Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery or they are so minimal, that it doesn’t make fun to use them.


Simplicity goes a different path: Webpages built with Simplicity are superfast without unnecessary clutter unless you need it. Your readers will love your site because HTML- and CSS-files are minified and only a few requests are needed to load the site. If you don’t go crazy on images, it will be the fastest website possible.


When I built my first official theme called Feeling Responsive I wanted to built a flexible site built on-top of Foundation. The main goal was to deliver a theme to produce high quality site. I use it for my clients and it works fine. Simplicity benefits from this. But I wanted and needed a blog which is even fast without unnecessary clutter and foremost no Javascript.

What I like best about Simplicity

I adore minimalism. I love blogs with reduced interfaces which concentrate on content, speed and typography. Even when I visit these blogs with a bad mobile connection, they deliver content and user experience fast. And I figured out a way to reduce the amount of work to be done, when you start blogging. That’s why Simplicity was born. To start a post, you just have to add one line of front matter:

title: New Posting

Then start writing.

Beef it up!

Minimalism and simplicity don’t stand for an option-less theme. On the contrary! You can style your content quickly in many ways. Simplicity allows you to use additional front matter variables, but you don’t need them. You want to post a video? Just add…


…and the theme uses the variable to add the video on top of your headline. You like subheadines, like I do? Add…

subheadline: Webdesign

…and Simplicity adds it.

You want an image on top of your article? Just add…

image: death-to-the-stock-photography-3457.jpg

And refine it with a caption and/or link if needed:

caption: Death to Stock Photography